Установки для размагничивания предназначены для размагничивания различных деталей в автоматическом режиме. Установки применяются, если необходимо размагничивать большое колличество изделий (размагничивание в потоке), тяжелые детали, сильно намагниченные детали, а так же в линиях магнито-порошкового контроля.

модель фото Описание
Rod and Pipe Demagnetizing Device MM DN+RE
(Maurer Magnetic, Switzerland)
Combining a new technology with a robust design, the Rod and Pipe Demagnetizing Devices MM RE offer a maximum of performance and economy.
The devices are designed for continuous use, being particu- larly suitable for efficient demagnetization of large quantities of tube or rod material.
Technical innovations allow for a flexible use of these devices. Successful demagnetization of material of various diameters requires neither adjusting process parameters nor any reduction in performance. The system can therefore be operated efficiently with very little initial instruction.
If necessary integration in automated production lines is possible through a control interface provided by default.


• High throughput
• Demagnetization of solid material
• Ready for remote control and automation – integrated control interface 24 V I/O
– optional light barrier for activation
• Heavy duty, for shop floor use
• Power factor correction
• High throughput speed due to complete saturation of the magnetic material
• Process controlled by Maurer Degaussing® Technology
Industrial Duty Demagnetizer MM DN + VE
(Maurer Magnetic, Switzerland)
Modern industrial manufacturing processes impose limits for remanent magnetism on components at 2 A/cm. For example, it is not possible for parts to become sufficiently clean after being washed, or for welding processes to run smoothly, at a residual magnetism exceeding these limits. The MM DN+VE degausser is the perfect choice to efficiently and productively demagnetize parts in your manufacturing process. Depend- ing on the design, the MM DN+VE degausser creates a degaussing field of 50 up to 180 kA/m. This makes it possible to demagnetize bulk parts in carriers, transport containers, or complex individual parts, with a pulse lasting only a few sec- onds – and at a quality level never before reached. The brief demagnetization pulse, the precise dimensioning of the active opening, and the fine tuning of the field strength make sure that the demagnetization process is highly effective. The MM DN+VE degausser is ready to be integrated into highly automated manufacturing processes in an industrial environment. Its operation is simple and intuitive. Its wide performance range makes this degausser the trendsetting demagnetizer for production lines of the future.


• Demagnetization solution that is optimally tailored for any application
• Highest level of process security and quality, thanks to the Maurer Degaussing Process
• Reduced dimensions due to pulse demagnetization
• Ready for remote control and automation
– Integrated control interface 24 V I/O
– Several fastening points for simple installation – Optional light barrier for activation
• Intuitive, secure set-up and operation
• Heavy-duty design
• Power factor correction
Product Program High-Performance Demagnetizers
(Maurer Magnetic, Switzerland)
The high-performance demagnetizers are the most power- ful products in Maurer Magnetic’s demagnetizer line. The patented Maurer Degaussing Technology has been perfectly implemented into these products, and demagnetizes any parts. Magnetically hard materials, interior components of shielded parts, or large volumes of bulk materials are comple- tely demagnetized by the magnetic field, which reaches field strengths of up to 400 kA/m in powerful coils. Fully flexible cable coils even ensure the demagnetization of large parts that weigh up to 50 tons.


• Process-safe demagnetization of even the most difficult magnetic parts
• Productive demagnetization of large volumes of bulk material or massive individual parts
• Demagnetization down to the level of earth’s magnetic field
• Degaussing field strength of up to 400 kA/m
• Ready for process automation
• Power factor correction
Demagnetization prior to parts cleaning MM DN+SE
(Maurer Magnetic, Switzerland)
Manufacturers of cleaning machines guarantee achieving the specified residual dirt limits of ferromagnetic parts, only up to a defined residual magnetism level. This requires a powerful and stable demagnetizing process. Especially for this OEM-segment, Maurer Magnetic AG offers the new MM DN + SE demagnetizer. The power is designed to meet current requirements defined by the fine- and ultra-fine cleaning machine manufacturers (residual magnetism < 2A/cm at a Hall effect zone distance of ~2mm to the surface of the part).


• Covering standard cleaning baskets by a large diver­ sity of coil dimensions.
• Economical performance to solve today‘s require­ ments.
• Suitable for bulk material or oriented parts.
• Usable for horizontal and for vertical field direction through the baskets. The case specific optimal so­ lution depends on the orientation of the parts in the basket.
• Reduced dimensions and integration costs due to pulse demagnetization process.
(PTS Josef Solnar, Чешская Республика)
Предназначен для размагничивания малогабаритных деталей и изделий.
Основные характеристики туннеля DTM 50
- Внутренние размеры катушки: 120х140 мм
- Частота тока размагничивания: 50 Гц
- Питание: 220 (230) В / 50 Гц

Основные характеристики туннеля DTM 50М
- Внутренние размеры катушки: 120х140 мм
- Частота тока размагничивания: 50 Гц
- Питание: 3х 380 (400) В / 50 Гц

серия DT
(PTS Josef Solnar, Чешская Республика)
• After some operations a residual magnetism remains in the material which can cause dificulties at further processing or usage. One of the demagnetizing methods is by passing the material through alternating magnetic ield. For this purpose are designed demignetizing tunnels with frequency converter. These are used particularly where the other usual methods fail. Our company has developed this custom-built system in order to please even the most demanding applications.
• In the table below are mentioned standard parameters of the demagnetizing tunnels. For a specific application it is necessary to design a unique device, that will meet up your requirements with desired configuration and parameters.
• Available coils with internal dimensions:
300х300 mm, 350х350 mm, 400х400 mm, 500х500 mm, 600х600 mm