Fluorescence Analysis Workstations Fluorescence Analysis Workstations enable life science researchers to view and take photographic images (film or digital) of electrophoretically separated nucleic acids. These images can be documented onto print or film for further scanning and densitometric analysis. Spectroline workstations utilize darkroom cabinets for convenient viewing, analyzing or photographing of fluorescent samples with both epi-illumination and trans-illumination light sources. Our full range of cabinets provides different working sample sizes, options for UV lamps and is useful for numerous applications.

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(Spectroline, USA)
Portable Viewing Cabinets Our portable, space-saving mini-cabinets double as personal darkrooms and UV irradiating units. The CM-10A model comes without a light source but can be outfitted with one of our Spectroline Е-series UV lamps, available in 4-, 5- and 6-watt versions in combinations of LW, MW and SW. The compact CM-10MP viewing cabinet can be coupled with one of our battery-operated MiniMAX Series 4-watt or 5-watt UV lamps, available in SW, LW and combination versions*.
* Mini-cabinets and UV lamps each sold separately
• Flexible, contoured eyepiece with a built-in UV-absorbing window for safe sample viewing
• Felt curtain permits easy access to cabinet interior while shielding samples from external light
• Removable bottom panel allows easy positioning over transilluminators
• Lightweight, durable construction creates easily transportable darkroom
CM-10A: Dimensions ( WxLxH) - 22.9x30.5x16.5 cm

Net Weight - 2.3 kg
CM-10MP: Dimensions ( WxLxH)- 22.2x25.4x11.4 cm

Net Weight - 1.8 kg

CC- and CL-Series
(Spectroline, USA)
Large Viewing and Photographic Cabinets
• Modular design allows for adaptation of interchangeable Spectroline UV lamps
• Complete with an internal 25-watt white light bulb
• Specially designed port allows for safety viewing eyepiece or the substitution of a “snap-on” camera adapter for photograph

Our CC-80 and CL-150 fluorescence analysis cabinets offer superior fluorescence viewing of research findings. They feature a modular design which lets you vary UV wavelengths with interchangeable Spectroline UV lamps; maximize fluorescent contrast by adding a Spectroline transilluminator and document your results with “snap-on” Spectroline camera adapters. Visible epi-illumination is provided by an internal 25-watt white light bulb. Rugged and durable, both cabinets are made of aluminum with a chemical-resistant polyurethene coating. Felt curtains permit easy access to the interior while blocking out ambient light. All light control switches are conveniently located on the top of the cabinets. When maximum intensity is desired, dual lamps can be operated simultaneously in those cabinets that accept two lamps. CC-80 cabinets accommodate our Е-series lamps (6 or 8-watt, single or double tube models), whereas CL-150 cabinets accommodate our X - series lamps (15-watt, single or double tube models). The spacious CC-80 cabinet accepts standard gels and up to two 8” x 8” (20 x 20cm) TLC plates, while the even roomier CL-150 can easily accommodate larger gels and up to four 8” x 8” plates.
CC-80: Dimensions ( WxLxH) - 44.5x51.4x24.8 cm

Net Weight - 5.2 kg
CL-150: Dimensions ( WxLxH)- 49.5x61.6x32.4 cm

Net Weight - 6.8 kg

CX-20 Work Station
(Spectroline, USA)
Fluorescence Analysis Cabinet CX-20 • Specially designed for 20 x 20cm gels and TLC plates
• Unit is equipped with individual long wave, medium wave and short wave UV tubes, including an internal white light bulb
• Flexible, contoured eye piece with a built-in UV-absorbing window to increase fluorescent contrast and reduce eye fatigue
• Full size CX-20 offers 8-watt tubes with standard UV intensity
• Designed to be used with most Spectroline transilluminators
• Internal white light: 8-watt bulb
• Dimensions (WxLxH) - 30.5x40.6x22.9 cm
• Net Weight - 5.9 kg
The CX-20 UV viewing cabinet delivers standard and high UV intensities assuring maximum UV irradiance, fluorescent contrast and peak efficiency. Designed for use with our Spectroline transilluminators, a removable bottom panel allows for additional transillumination source. The flexible, contoured viewing eyepiece with a built-in UV-absorbing sight glass provides comfort, safety and eliminates “blue haze” interference needed for maximum fluorescent contrast. For convenience, this workstation features push-button wavelength selection and internal white light control. To protect samples from unwanted light exposure, all power buttons in this unit are color-coded for convenience. The CX-20 is equipped with internal 8-watt LW (365nm), SW (254nm) and white light tubes. The double-tiered soft rubber curtains on both sides of the CX-20 unit give the user easy access to the interior. The curtains and the door provide complete shielding from external light.